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Pediatric Services...
Attending Physician Services   
​• TIPS offers services to hospitals, pediatricians, and other physicians & surgeons caring for hospitalized children • TIPS offers uninterrupted care (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) for normal newborns and children in the inpatient services • TIPS physicians can relieve PCP's and surgeons of the necessity to make hospital rounds allowing them more time for office practice, operating room and/or recreational activities • TIPS physicians are on the staff of several hospitals in the San Antonio area and can care for the patients at various children's facilities when the need arises • TIPS physicians are on-call 24 hours a day and will assume responsibility for the care of hospitalized children, during weekends or holidays, upon short notice • Services also include care of normal newborns and Co-Attending status with surgeons and other sub-specialists • Intermediate care services are also available for MCH & NCBH.

Newborn Services...
Newborn Care   
• Newborn care encompasses total care of the child during hospitalization including counseling with the family and all appropriate referrals
Circumcisions can be performed while in the hospital • Direct communication with PCP's at the time of discharge if significant medical or other issues are pending.  
​• Flexible Coverage:      
1. All newborns at a particular hospital.       
2. Only newborns assigned when taking call for hospital.       
3. Circumcision only.      
4. Any other requested combination of services, as needed.       
​5. Coverage on a continuous basis, weekly, or at any other time interval. 

• Services available 24/7.