Communication • Inform referring Physicians of patient's progress • Maintain clear, organized and legible records in order to minimize errors • Give meticulous attention to discharge planning, discharge summaries, pending studies and follow-up appointments with PCP's. 

​Quality of Care • Adhere to "Best Practice" guidelines • Tailor services to the needs of the patients • Use protocols to optimize and standardize patient care
Decrease Length of Stay • Use resources and consultants appropriately • Review diagnostic studies and laboratory data in a timely basis.

Continuity of Care • Return patients to the care of Primary Care Physicians upon discharge • Schedule consultations and follow-up appointments through PCP's office • Forward pertinent medical records to PCP's & Patient/Family Satisfaction • Inform family of patient's progress daily • Provide opportunities for questions and answers on a regular basis • Address the concerns of the family regarding hospital care, nursing care, physicians' qualifications, etc


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testimonials & reviews

“My experience with the Physicians of TIPS has been nothing short of outstanding. Notonly have my patients enjoyed excellent direct care from the service, but I have alwaysfelt welcomed when I have sought advice from the Physicians regarding the managementof patients that I personally admit. I recommend and will continue to utilize this service.”
​- Michael William Mann, M.D.

“I have had several patients covered and cared for by TIPS Physicians for over 5 years. Knowing I can have a Hospitalist follow my patients when I send them to the Emergency Room if they need admission allows me the Freedom to know that they can have excellent care.” 

- Carmen T. Garza, M.D

"Hospitalist programs are here to stay, they do good work, are always available to families, and many studies have concluded that they shorten Hospital stay.”
- Graham Hall, M.D

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Texas Inpatient Pediatrics

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Texas Inpatient Pediatrics

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